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Breaking bad habits with assigning calls


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I've got a lot of team members who have a strange mentality regarding call ownership.

They feel if they assign the call to themselves, they have to do the job. Strangely, they'll update it, send the customer messages, lots of interaction with it but never assign it to themselves until they are ready to close it. Essentially "owning it";  :blink: I know, right?

What I'd like to do is force the call to be assigned to the person who initially updates it. It can be reassigned thereafter, but that initial touch would make them the owner. Or, not allow the call to be updated unless an owner was assigned.

Any thoughts on that?

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Thought I'd offer to help here as we required the same when setting up our BPs

What we do is in the BP

Get Request Information > If email or Self Service, it just assigns to the service desk. No match would then assign to the request creator.


In terms of 

6 minutes ago, QEHNick said:

Or, not allow the call to be updated unless an owner was assigned.

You can do this via an Access Control Node (Lock Actions, and then select what you would like to be locked), we have this as the first node in our process and then we later have a Wait for Request Owner node, which when an owner is assigned, is then followed by an another Access Control node to unlock the previously locked actions



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Just to add to Will's post, the documentation on the Lock Actions node is here.

Scroll down to the Requests section and the first entry Access Control is what you need.

Please be aware that a Full Access role overrides any Locked Actions, so assign those roles with care.

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