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Enable <center> within labels on the ICF


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Good afternoon,

I would like to request for the <center></center> to be available within label descriptions within the ICF.

In an ideal world, it would be good for there to be a pre-filled form using the information that the User populates from the Leaver process, which they can amend and print off when returning equipment... the email templates could be useful, but users won't know how to amend the contents if they forget to add something to the initial Leaver request, so we have opted to have the user download the form (as .DOCX), to fill it out, then print it off once they are ready to return the equipment.

So with that in mind, at the end of the new version of our Leaver form, see the download link below with current functionality:

But I felt that it would look better and easier to see, if the download text + icon was centered used <center></center>, and I believe it does when testing using the F12 developer tools:

Please ignore the typos and the (maybe?) odd-looking images, as this is just a test at the moment.

I hope this can be considered, and hopefully be easy to implement.



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Hi @samwoo

One way to tackle this is to also use an image for the text "Click here to download..."

  • I simply took a screen grab of your desired look with the text centered. 
  • I uploaded to the image to the Image Library
  • In the description field of the Intelligent Capture Label, I added the following  
    • [[File:<URL>|link=http://www.hornbill.com|alt=Hornbill]]
    • Replacing the URL with the URL to the file stored in the image library.

It does mean that the entire image can be clicked on, but in many cases I think this is better than just the "Click here" having the link


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