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TextAnywhere Cloud Automation Node Error

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I have followed the instructions in: TextAnywhere - Hornbill, but when I try to setup a BPM workflow, I get the following error during execution:

Status : Failed

Last Updated On : 07-07-2022 17:03:16

iBridge Method: /TextAnywhere/Send SMS.m Error: Http::post: Failed to make HTTP 'POST' request to server

I have confirmed that the client ID and client password in the keysafe are correct, the node is configured as follows:


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Hi @Rob Gething,

Looks like TextAnywhere have deprecated & removed the API endpoint we were using, and have replaced it with a more modern API. We'll get our operations updated to reflect their changes, and will report back here once done. I'll also make sure the other operation that you have requested is added while we're at it.



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