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Display ticket ref in the Manage Executed Processes screen


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I've had a process that has gone wrong today meaning I've had to correct the same node in several executed processes.

When I am in the screen 


It would be so helpful if it was possible to show the ticket ref somewhere, rather than having to go back and wait for the search to refresh again if I haven't copied the ref and opened the ticket.

If it is there and I've just missed it please let me know 




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Hi @HGrigsby

Once you have identified the Workflow and the Running Version of that workflow that contains the issue, you could filter this list by the name of the workflow and then sort by Running Version.  Without having to know any of the request IDs, you can determine which workflows have, or are going to have an issue.  It is equally important to look at active workflows to catch these before the issue occurs on the requests.


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