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Are there any limits on the number of parallel threads in a BPM?

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I am putting together a workflow which would add a user to Azure 0365 groups through iBridge for each of a selected number of applications. My first phase has 10 applications but we have a great deal more to follow. This is configured in a way that each of the decisions runs in parallel, and I want to know whether there is a limit to the number of parallel threads I can have between the start and end parallel processing nodes.


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Hi @Berto2002

I'm not sure that Parallel Processing would be the best fit for this.
If the underlying assumption is that doing the groups in parallel would be faster, this is not likely to be the case each call will still be queued, whether at the Hornbill or Azure end of the process, and by trying to run them simultaneously if anything does go wrong you have to troubleshoot (using your current example) 10 threads at once. Done in sequence if anything goes wrong you can clearly see the last action that works and immediately know that it's the next one that has an issue.

In fact, I'm not completely certain that a Business Process is the best fit; this looks more like it would be a better fit for ITOM from the brief description above.

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Hi Steve,

Good point about the troubleshooting. These are iBridge operations. I regret that ITOM is too expensive for us.

On your advice, I have moved this new section to serial processing like this. At the end of a set of actions for a given app it moves to the choice for the next app and has a no match to 'scan' quickly down them if not selected by the user.


Rather than parallel processing like this:


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@Berto2002 the issue or maybe, better said the challenge here is that the BPE (the BP engine that is) was not quite designed for this type (large) of jobs... I mean surely, one can design and implement that in a workflow but it won't be easy, it won't be pretty, it won't be fun and, by the looks of it, a nightmare to maintain... For these reasons (and others) it will be unlikely that the engine will change in this direction, especially there is functionality available that is much more suited for this type of things... I do understand that pricing makes it currently inaccessible for your organisation but from a product perspective the functionality is there.

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