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Can we please have the following operators added to esp conditions:

  • More than
  • Less than
  • Between

We are looking to put in an ESP Condition whereby if the current time is either greater than or between, then X message is displayed, currently only the below are available.

What Operators can I use in my ESP Conditions?

The operators "=" (equal to) and "!=" (not equal to) are supported.

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What would be a use case for this?

Time isn't applicable to emails in a straightforward manner; they can be composed, sent, received, and read at different times, and any or all of these can be subject to delays.

e.g. an automated reply is sent at 11pm that says "We're closed right now" - but the Customer reads it at 9:30am the next morning and that is no longer relevant.

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@Steve Giller

An example I can give is for one of our new starter processes, for one of the tasks involved we have a daily process that runs (outside of HB at a specific time) and for managers to submit their New Employee's details to be created overnight they need to be with us by 16:00.


If a manager raised a request for this after this time we would like to have an ESP condition that says, as request is raised after 16:00, the daily upload has been missed so the account will be provisioned on the next run date.

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