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Sending an email from within a request sends duplicate emails

Joshua T M

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Hi All,

Our support staff noticed today (and potentially within the last 48hrs) that when they use the email option to send an email from within Hornbill Request to a customer or to a team that a duplicate email is generated and sent. We assumed this was user error and the staff memeber had simply clicked twice, unfortunately testing this theory proved it incorrect.

This is the case in this request - IN00016347

Is anyone else aware of this occuring on their instance?

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Hi @Joshua T M

I've not personally heard of this happening.  I'll keep my eyes open for any reports of this.   In the meantime, check to see if it is always the same user/customer.  Does it only happen to requests raised against a particular service or running a particular BPM workflow?  When teams get duplicate emails, is it one particular team or does it happen to all teams?

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