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Copy Request issue - original owner gets notification


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Good afternoon,

I just wanted to report a bug (or design oversight?).

When someone is using the Copy Request functionality within a ticket that they are not the "Owner" of, and the ticket is logged, the "Owner" of the original ticket gets a notification that a ticket has been assigned to them (these are the notification we enable/disable in our profile).

However, the ticket is logged to the original team, with no "Owner" set... so, it sounds like the Copy Request function seems to check the "Owner" of the original ticket before firing the notification email to them.

If I use the Copy Request functionality against a ticket that I am the "Owner" of, then I don't receive a notification email.

We tried this three times yesterday, and the original owner got three notification emails from the copied requests, but there was no "Owner" set against these requests.



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Good afternoon @samwoo

we are unable to replicate the issue.

In our test, the app setting 'app.request.copy.owner' is set to FALSE so the copy is assigned to the team but not the owner.
Nonetheless, the original owner receives a notification, but that's because 'guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.assignmentTeam' is enabled, so its a team assignment notification.

If I understand well, are you saying that the original owner is notified that the request has been assigned to himself rather than his team ?

If this is the case, can you please tell the values of these app-settings and check the email template defined into 'guest.app.requests.notification.emailTemplate.groupAssignment' is the correct one please?  Ideally we can be able to replicate the issue.


Thank you


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Hi @ArmandoDM,

These are the emails that the person received as a result of the Copy Request functionality, that myself and another colleague was testing yesterday with the original ticket of these four requests:

This is the template that relates to the notification of assignment to the ticket "Owner"

[For the following settings]

- We are using the standard TeamAssignmentNotification template





Now I didn't see this setting, after bit more looking around, I can see there is a Include advanced settings tick box at the top of the Service Manager Application Settings:

So, I think this might be the cause... it's assigning the ticket to the original "Owner" by default, then as part of the Business Process, it is immediately clearing the "Owner" when assigning it back to the same team - could this be the case? I guess the best bet would be to set app.request.copy.owner to OFF.

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Hi @samwoo

yes this could actually be the case. If the app setting is ON then yes, the request will be assigned to the same owner and the owner is notified as expected.
According to our tests, if you set the app setting to OFF then the original owner should not receive the email anymore.

Of course you can also verify if the Business Process reassign the request and removes the owner, which would explain the behaviour reported in the original post.

If you do these checks and can let me know if the issue is solved, please do let me know.

I also forgot to mention about this If I use the Copy Request functionality against a ticket that I am the "Owner" of, then I don't receive a notification email.  If you perform an action involving yourself, then you will not be notified about it.  So, because its you triggering the assignment to yourself, you won't receive any notification telling 'Request XXX has been assigned to Samwoo".  I hope this makes sense ?
Thank you


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Hi @ArmandoDM,

Turning off Copy Owner worked - I also turned off Copy Team too whilst I was at it.

Many thanks for taking the time to investigate this and providing a solution.

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