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Ideally, we need a solution for multiple email addresses to be hosted on Hornbill that are on the same domain.

E.g. we have




Currently, we are using the 'Send as' feature in outlook to use multiple email addresses, however we have received feedback that customers can find this a little confusing. It also seems a bit of a waste for us as we are paying for a fourth mailbox that we are just using to send mail as the other 3 emails

When using Supportworks we used to be able to host all 3 email addresses fine, it seems strange that we cannot do this in Hornbill.

If this could be raised as an enhancement / internally for further discussions I would be very grateful.

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@will.good are you referring to the email account on O365? Of which you have 3 for: email1, email2 and email3?

In Hornbill you can set the domain (domain.co.uk - having it's SMTP connector) and then separate mailboxes for each address (email1, email2 and email3).

It is an issue with the domain connector itself? Like MS not allowing you to send emails from email2@domain.co.uk address when using the email1@domain.co.uk connector?

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So we have 3 separate email accounts, but we don't want to have to use the send as option in MS. We want to be able to send an email from address one, and it not be sent on behalf of.

We have the domain set up, but it requires us to specify an email address (this is currently where we are using one master address which can send on behalf of our other 3 addresses). I think a workaround for us would be able to add multiple identical domains but with a different email connector?

I'm not sure if it is a connector issue, sorry - not my area of expertise!

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@will.good no, I have not... for the initial query 

On 7/5/2022 at 3:45 PM, will.good said:

multiple email addresses to be hosted on Hornbill that are on the same domain

You can have 1 domain, which in Hornbill is an outbound route, and then 3 separate mailboxes for each address: email1@domain.co.uk, email2@domain.co.uk and email3@domain.co.uk. Each of these mailboxes will send the email via the same (one) outbound route which means they will use the same connector (the SMTP Smart Host or Direct DNS) when sending emails.

From what I understand here the issue lays with O365 using the email account as the email address (so to speak) which means that if, for example, the domain.co.uk outbound route is using a SMTP Smart Host which is using email1@domain.co.uk account, then all email sent from all 3 mailboxes in Hornbill will be relayed to email1@domain.co.uk which then means it will require "Send As" rules for email2@domain.co.uk and email3@domain.co.uk addresses.

Again, from what I understand, you would like to set up two more separate domain.co.uk outbound routes for email2@domain.co.uk and email3@domain.co.uk account however this is not possible currently as you cannot have two or more routes using the same domain. However, this is now outside my area of expertise, if this should be possible and should be implemented and/or if there are any limitations as to why it is not possible, this is something for Hornbill development to advise further.


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As Victor says, if your are using 0365 you either need to configure the 0365 account specified in your Domain Router config within Hornbill to allow it to SEND AS the other accounts (Your 0365 administrator should be able to assist with this) . If you do not wish to do this then you will need to change to Direct Outbound rather than SMART HOST (See https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Outbound_Mail_Routing

It should also be noted that Direct Outbound is the recommend option for all customers as this prevents any number of issues sending via O365 with rate limits or similar. 

Kind Regards

Hornbill Cloud Team 

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