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Hornbill Categories look different for Basic/User profiles

Damien Lynn

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On our Report a Fault page on the portal, when customers get to the Categorisation part it looks different for them than it does for an IT Analysts also viewing via the portal. 

Our customers are commenting that the Categories page is not really obvious what they are supposed to do as nothing stands out – we've added wording to help make this clearer but the main thing is that it looks different to them than it does for IT Users, the IT view is better – the Categories stand out in Bold for me but not for Customers as shown below.

This is what a customer sees:



As full IT User, this is what I see:


Can customers see the Categories in Bold too please?


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Guest Mohamed

Hi @Damien Lynn

Our development team have found and resolved the issue. Whilst it won't be in the next Service Manager release, please expect it in the following one 

Hope that helps :)

Kind regards,


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