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Time Zone help please

Sam P

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My system.defaultWorkingTime.timezone setting is GMT Standard time but as the UK is currently in BST the answers to progressive captures and Human Task outcomes are being recorded one hour behind. 

In most cases, the date/time fields are written to Custom Fields either in the IC itself or in the BP - this is because I need to insert the answer to more than one question in a report.  Can anyone help me to understand how I can have the report dates to be the exact date / time of the event as we know it, and whether or not this needs to be something I adjust every spring/autumn?  

e.g. Date Logged in real life today = 30/06/2022 at 10:00:00 is showing in the report as 2022-06-30 09:00:00 (also any advice on how to change the format of the date in the report would also help (Still quite new to reporting!)).


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@Sam P you cannot change or, better said, format the date in a report. The reports are using whatever values are stored in the respective table in the database. Date/time values are always stored as GMT/UTC as this is used as a base of reference for formatting dates in the UI based on the user timezone and also used in email templates based on instance timezone. However there is no such formatting in reports (not yet anyway).

You can theoretically have a formatted value in a report if you offset the date/time value (e.g. +1 hour) then store it in a custom field that you will specifically use for reporting (ideally will not be used for anything else as it is offset and will appear as "incorrect" in the UI and/or emails).

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