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Dynamic Dropdown List still asking for a value to be selected


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Good morning,

I have been working with a colleague on a new version of the New Starter form and we've come across an issue in the Employee Portal.

We have a Dynamic Dropdown Select Box that pulls from a Simple List. When testing the form, we populate this field, yet it still asks us to select a value, despite one already being selected.


It doesn't matter what we select, we still get this error, and we cannot move forward or log the ticket at all

There isn't anything in the configuration of the ICF that should be causing this at all. The question is "What Equipment does your New Starter need?"
The ---- ==Equipment Details== and Lone Worker details are labels.




Here is what the Simple List looks like:


I'm not getting any error messages in the F12 developer console when I press Next, nothing happens at all and this field says that it requires a value despite one being selected.

Please can someone have a look and advise?  We have no hidden questions, and everything is answered as expected, it's only this field with the Dynamic Dropdown Select Box to a Simple List that isn't allowing us to move on, despite having a value selected.

This is a blocker for us as we need to get this new version of the form up and running and short time.

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@samwoo I've seen something like this before, check the status of any labels on your form. At first glance the separating horizontal line and the Lone Worker Information (if that's a label) would be a good place to start.

If I remember correctly you can set a label to mandatory, but as it's a label you cannot give it a value, therefore the form cannot progress.
The required information message can also appear to relate to a different field, because of the order that the label and description display.

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Hi @Steve Giller,

That did the trick - thank you! It was the lone worker label that had the mandatory check against it. It was going to be a question at one point, then changed into a label hence the reason that was missed.

Off the back of this, please could I request and enhancement - if a label is selected, that the checkbox to mark the field as Mandatory be hidden from the list of options. It makes no sense to have this there.

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