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Custom roles for Service Manager appear under Platform in the offered list, rather than under Service Manager

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Hi All

Just wanted to check should custom roles setup under Service Manager appear under the Platform location in the Roles interface? All the out of the box roles for Change sit under Service Manager, but the custom role I have setup sits under Platform. Just wanted to make sure this is correct and expected please

Many thanks




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Thanks both for the response - the role appears to be setup under Platform rather than Service Manager so that makes total sense  - thank you for the information.

I presume having made this oversight it has no impact on the actual role in the system? I have not noticed any issues but just wanted to check the impact of creating this at a Platform level - thanks :)


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Hi James,

Just checked against the Details / Applications for this role and it is already set to Service Manager but shows under Platform. Reset it again just to check and refreshed but still showing under Platform - not a big issue of course :) 

It looks like all the custom roles created for Service Manager are showing under Platform - checking a few of these and again all set to Service Manager but show under Platform apart from one custom role I most recently created:

Many thanks

Custom Change role under Platform but shows as Application Service Manager:



Service Manager custom roles:


Platform custom roles:


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@Adrian Simpkins that is a platform role configured to have application rights. So it will appear in Platform section. Custom roles created in Service Manager will only be for Service Manager rights. The platform ones can have roles from multiple apps, unlike the roles created in specific apps which are only for that app.

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