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Request placed on hold Team facing but when comes off hold this is customer facing

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

We have noticed that when we place a request on hold but make it Team facing, when this on hold value expires the off hold message is Customer facing and this is causing some unwarranted admin as Customers are noticing these off hold messages and of course then questioning the team as to what has happened. Is this expected behaviour?

Many thanks


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Thanks Victor - just to double check will this impact any other scenario around on hold or just in this scenario where we make it team facing on hold, but setting currently makes it customer facing when off hold? 

Many thanks !


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guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.defaultVisibility does not relate to a specific action. It applies to an "off hold" action and any other action that does not have a specific setting in regards to visibility (e.g. update or assign have dedicated settings for visibility)

6 minutes ago, Adrian Simpkins said:

will this impact any other scenario around on hold

So, yes. As per above it will apply to any action that does not have a designated setting.

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Hi Victor

Sorry I have another question around setting these on hold / off hold values. I have updated the setting you pointed out above and it appears to be working now as per the below screen shot you can see the on hold value set to Team, and the off hold value is then set to Team. However the email that moved it off hold is Customer facing which makes sense as we would the customer to see any email updates they post - is there anyway to set it so that if an email takes if off a Team facing hold that email is also marked as Team facing? Or would the expected behaviour be for the email to be customer facing as the customer would not know it was on hold when they sent this email in? It makes sense to me that it would still be visible as the customer would be unaware we have placed it on hold but I wanted to make sure my understanding of an email hitting a Team facing on hold is correct.

Many thanks as always



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Just  as a further test i placed this test call on hold team facing and just put in hold for a few minutes, but when it came off hold this is customer facing whereas the test above where it came off hold due to a customer email response shows it as Team for both on hold and off hold ?




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