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Intelligent capture - what is new ?

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Hi All

I was wondering if there was any planned update to the published functionality in the Intelligent Capture process? I know it was renamed from Progressive Capture to Intelligent Capture but as yet I have not picked up any new functionality in the system to embed the new moniker of Intelligent Capture (I may have missed an update but do not think I have). As an example in the original demonstration there was mention of the capability to push out for an authorisation as part of the IC process to get a payment authorisation code.

I wanted to see if there will be further updates planned and what new functions we might see as part of the Intelligent Capture setup please?

Many thanks as always

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

The renaming from Progressive Capture to Intelligent Capture came as a result of a few things. 

The introduction of the new Configuration, where the old Admin Portal was moved into the main app, was an opportunity to rename some aspects of Hornbill to more appropriate names.

While you may not see much of a change in the user interface, the backend of Progressive/Intelligent Capture had a significant rewrite.  This was done to improve performance, stability, and designed in a way to make future development easier.  As part of this, there were some minor UI improvements and standardization of how some of the forms are displayed to the user.

On the Service Manager roadmap there is plan for additional functionality within Intelligent Capture to improve the presentation of knowledge during the capture process.  

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Thanks for the update James - it was more just out of curiosity as it is something I have been asked by a few staff members. I will check out the Service manager roadmap - is there a link to a page for this as I am struggling to locate it

Many thanks

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