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Content field not (always) being displayed on the card after using add card node in workflow


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Our nodes to add a card to the feedback board are configured like this:


However, when they are displayed on the feedback board, the entry for the content is not always shown as prescribed; it often shows a repeat of the title. Here are two cards added by the same version of the same workflow and yet one shows the content as prescribed and the other shows a repeat of the title:


This is one of the instances (that did not work):



This is the other that did:



The content we want on each card is this, always:

Customer: &[global["flowcode"]["customer"]]
Owner: &[global["flowcode"]["owner"]]

Any ideas; or should I report to Support?




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If you goto your Board config, by clicking Design board from the options menu on the top right of the board and clicking the Config Board button, then ensure that the Disable data syncing option is ticked.  This will allow you to add custom content into the cards.




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