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MS Teams Chat Integration Issue

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I've been creating a process to send a MS teams message to the customer upon resolution of a request.

I've had some issues, most of which I've overcome through trial and error, however, there is one glaring issue which I cannot get my head around.

When the Teams message is sent, instead of it going from the account it should, it is sent from the colleague who authorised the connector in KeySafe.

Oddly I don't recall there being a part to say which account the message should originate from. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

The description for the connector reads...

"This operation will create a private Teams chat between the authenticated user and another Teams user. If a one to one chat already exists, the Chat ID of the existing chat will be returned."

So, what is the "authenticated user" at this stage? In testing it would appear that this is the account used to establish the Keysafe credentials when authenticating with Microsoft.

It's impractical to assign administrative permissions to an account which (otherwise) does not need them, so am I missing something or do I have to suck it up?

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Ok, one of the tech teams discovered the what was required here. A permission was required to be set on the Azure platform for the account we are sending from in order for it to be able to authenticate the connection.

Is this something you can put in your documentation for future?

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