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Certain locations unable to access various hornbill domains


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Dear All
With regards to your Hornbill instance. This morning since around 0740 BST Cloudflare have been having issues. This is effecting large parts of the internet, whilst all Hornbill services are up and running they may not be contacable.

Please see

KInd Regards

Hornbill Cloud Team 

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Dear All,
This is indeed comming back. We use Cloudflare to cache all from end (none data ) in data centers closer to the end users to increase performance. Sadly it appears that Cloudflare this morning had a configuration issue that prevented routing from a number of their data centers and prevented us from logging in to their portal to Stop the proxying. 

We are awaiting cloudflares update on the root cause but it does appear to be back for now. 

Kind Regards

Keith Stevenson

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Please find below the RCA from Cloudflare 


We have also reviewed our processes and given the nature of the error we do not believe we would act differently given same error. We have investigated having a domain that's not proxied via Cloudflare but the benefits this provides far outweigh the risk. (Workarounds existed if you wanted to add the IP of live or the forums to your hosts file and bypass cloudflare but this was a temporary solution and IPs are subject to change and we also considered having a second URL for the forums which didnt go through Cloudflare but how this would be remembered by Userbase and added confusion over URLs was considered, so having status.hornbill.com for ongoing critical issue updates is still preferred) 

We would also strongly recommend that everyone follows status.hornbill.com and our Twitter feeds which do not go via Cloudflare and are completely separate to our infrastructure.  

Kind Regards

Keith Stevenson

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