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LDAP Timestamp to Date & Time Conversion in reporting.


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Good afternoon.

I am attempting to run a report to determine if an active directory account is about to expire based on a custom attribute which is imported from the accountExpires attribute.

The problem is, the "LDAP Timestamp to Date & Time" conversion produces a date which is backwards (2022-06-03 00:00:00 for example).

This makes it impossible to report on in any automatic way using the built in reporting variables ({{DATE:startofweek}} AND {{DATE:endofweek}} etc.)

Is my only option to "freehand" it in the SQL Schema Designer and MacGyver some conversion of the date there?

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What Custom Attribute (in what table) are you storing it in?

That is the standard format for a DateTime - for example if you filter on Date Logged against {{DATE:startofweek}} this works fine and that is stored in the same format.

It may simply be that you need to store it in a DateTime field.

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