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Customer portal profile page - any enhancements coming?

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

We have only recently started exploring the Customer Portal. Currently I can see if we turn on self registration the person registering gets a preset Create Your Profile list. This is great of course, but it doesn't give any field to capture what they are registering for. We want to use the portal for various different external customers so we wanted to ideally capture what they want access to at the time of registration.

I wanted to check if I had missed anything obvious around capturing what the access request is for, and also to see if the Customer Portal is due a refresh much like the new Employee Portal, and if it is going to be refreshed would there be any improvements around self registration? If we use it under the current functionality someone will have to contact the customer to confirm what they want access to, which defeats the self service ethos!

Many thanks as always

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