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There's no documentation on using Power Automate on Wiki?


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I'm trying to trigger a power automate flow from service manager but there is no documentation on the wiki. When entering the URL of the flow (as pasted from the browser) and running it, I get the below error messages. Can you help please?


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3 minutes ago, Berto2002 said:

Question: do I need to have one of the Premium features of Power Automate as below?

Unfortunately I wouldn't know - that would be one to ask Microsoft, unless one of our Developers is aware and can drop in.

The documentation isn't on the wiki, there is a guide (including a link to the Microsoft documentation) under the blue Help button on the node.

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If I remember rightly, you need to use the "When an HTTP request is received" Trigger, then when you save that Flow, this Trigger will generate a URL than you would then paste into Hornbill.

When it's all set up, do a test run, then go into the completed test version of that flow, go to the Trigger, and extract the JSON of the request, then edit your flow and input that into the JSON Body by generating the schema from it.

You can then use these parameters throughout the rest of the flow.

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