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delete a specific request

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15 hours ago, Steve Giller said:

@Giuseppe Iannacone It looks like you're trying to delete Requests - but you set CleanRequests to false.

Note: I've not used this tool myself, please use the dryrun option if you're taking my word for it ...

@Steve Giller from the wiki it's stated that the "CleanRequests" set to false will clear all the request from the instance, are you sure?

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@Giuseppe Iannacone It does, however it goes on to say "Filter the requests to be deleted using the following parameters"


Which, for me, means that by default it deletes everything but you narrow down using the filters.

The dryrun option will show what would have happened without making any changes, so do ensure that is used when testing.
You could also test against an entity that you're not currently using if you want to be really safe.

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