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Enhancement request (minor, UI) - prevent the downstream connector being included when pasting nodes


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Copying and pasting nodes in a BPM is a very useful feature, but it is somewhat negated by the fact that every time I paste a node, its downstream connector pastes with it, leaving the new node pre-connected to the same downstream node as the originating node. Almost invariably I need to manually select and delete that connector because almost all my use-cases require the new node to terminate elsewhere.

My request is simply that your user interface design be altered to stop pasting the downstream interconnects when we paste nodes. PS It would continue to paste interconnects between nodes if multiple nodes were selected for the copy and paste operation.


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I never found the inclusion of the downstream connector on pasting of a node, to ever be useful. I'm always deleting the connector, but sometimes even that's more hassle than it should be, so a +1 from me.

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