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Issue with date format being captured in portal requests

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

We have an issue where some customers data captured in an IC is showing in the US date format.

So the default date format set against all user records imported into the system is 2022-06-16 whereas we are looking for a UK format 16-06-2022. Some of our customers are raising requests and the date is being set in the US format, however I am seeing other customers doing exactly the same but the date is set to UK format - when checking both sets of customers they all have the default date set to US but only some are being captured in US format, and it seems the vast majority are being set in the UK format.

Below is an example of 2 customers both with the US format set, but one is captured in UK format, and the other is US.

Are there any other factors which may affect this date? Would it potentially be a setting in the browser somewhere perhaps? We are seeing a small percentage of requests every month where this issue occurs, and the vast bulk of requests have the correct UK date format (would have to check further against each customer to see what date format is set in Hornbill but from a handful I have checked all seem to be set to the US format).

Many thanks as always

1st customer:


2nd customer:


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