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FAQ - h_reference exposed on Service Portal

Joshua T M

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Hi All,

After Server Manager build 2663 was applied a Referance to each FAQ has been added to the FAQ section of the Portal. We'd like to keep this hidden if possible, does anyone know of an option to disable this referance from being displayed as part of the title? 


This relates to the seemingly new or recently exposed h_reference and h_prefix fields inside the h_itsm_faqs table.

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Hi @Joshua T M

Thanks for posting.  This reference has appeared earlier than intended as a result of some ongoing development work where it should have been hidden behind a flag.  We'll hide it in the next Service Manager update.

Given that this reference could make its way back in the future,  it would be good to understand from your perspective why you would want to hide these references or what problem making the reference visible poses.. we can then feed that back when developing changes in this area.

Kind regards,


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Thanks @David Hall,

You and Victor are super helpful as always.

We have no particular reservations regarding the visability of the referance other than it's "uselessness" to our staff and customers. We have however always had an issue with manual ordering of the FAQ's as opposed to alphabetical ordering using the title of the FAQ, evidently having the referance visible at the start of the title would cause us further issues if we were ever able to sort alphabetically. 


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