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Label fields out of alignment


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Good afternoon,

This has been like this for a while, so not sure if it's an issue or by design, but label fields which we also used for headings, are out of alignment to the other fields.  It just looks a little odd to me.



Using the F12 tools I can see there is a left-margin: 10px assigned to the .field-label .description element.  I took off the margin to see, and it looks better.


Please can the margin be removed, or, alternatively, add the same margin to the rest of the fields.




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@samwoo, it looks like you are using the description instead of the label. The description is indented to the right, but when it is used alone, without the label is wrong.
I'm not sure how yo managed not to add a label as it's mandatory.

I see you use WiKi to make the text bigger, bu the label can also contain wiki text.

I think this is your case, if not let me know.





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Hi @Daniel Dekel

Ahhh of course, I use the description field not realizing the label field can also hold wiki text.

We use the description field in other scenarios to hold a lot more text and images - I wonder if you might be able to have a look and see if the margin could be removed (or preferably, made configurable?) from the description field?

As it is at the moment:

See where it says "Any guidance?" and the "Lone Worker Information"



With the margin taken off:



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