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Ability to indent custom form fields one or two times


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Good afternoon,

I would like to request the ability to indent questions and their respective input fields one or more times.  This will be used to give the illusion of question grouping or parent/child/child questions.

I believe it should be an extra option within the field configuration where a user can specify whether to use Indent Level 0, 1 or 2.

The indent should show when amending the Custom Form in the ICF - for example, this is my interpretation of a single indent at margin-left: 15px

When viewing the questions on the Employee Portal, they should be indented as such. In fact, it looked odd with the Horizontal rule, so I removed them (via the F12 tools). I don't even need the heading IMO.






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Hi @samwoo,

You might want to try prefixing the question with a colon-character ":". It is part of the Wiki Markupand works only at the beginning of lines.

Although the ":" and "*" characters will work as "expected", the "#" (numeric list) will NOT work (i.e. it will re-start the count for each question).

The text box (and other answer field boxes) will NOT get the indentation, though.


That being said, you could create dependent questions either by paging (i.e. if a certain answer is given on Page1 (Customized Form), show Page1b OR by playing with hiding fields and making them visible fields in the same page. Have a look at "Displaying Conditional Fields" on https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Progressive_Capture_Designer (it comes with video).

Potentially, you could also place the question itself in a span and play around with style.color (text color; background-color will NOT work).

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Hi @SamS,

Thanks for your response - I do all that already, I just thought it would good to request to have the ability to be able to indent entire questions including the input fields. I am raising this request on inspiration from other forms seen where Parent questions expands the child questions as indented.

We are trying to limit the number of "pages" (custom forms) a customer needs to go through, as the feedback we have gotten that it can be a bit too much in some cases and makes the call logging process unnecessarily long, so we are streamlining our forms to try and include as much as possible in a single "page" or two at the most if possible, and we have succeeded with our first major services (for the New Starter, Mover and Leavers).  Of course there may be scenarios where we have no choice but to have more pages though.

But in the above case, the "Known as details" section appears using conditional fields, if the user selects "Yes" to the question "Does the New Starter prefer to be known as a different name?", and I do this in a lot of other places as well. So it would be nice, visually, to be able to indent the questions and their input fields, and have the effects shown in the configuration as well as on the forms in the Employee Portal, and possible for other sites, on the Customer Portal.



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