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Running response and resolve timers in parallel

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Can you run response and resolve timers in parallel? 
Our Assistant Director would like for us to start response and resolve timers at the same point, but have different points for them to stop. 

I have just made a change to one of our workflows to test this however it seems like it doesn't start either? 


Its also not marking the response and resolve times in seconds at all and just leaving them blank?, The SLA's are attached to our test service and the nodes are set correctly.





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1 minute ago, yelyah.nodrog said:

Can you run response and resolve timers in parallel? 

Yes, we start both at the beginning of the workflow and stop them a different point in the subsequent workflow. In our case we check the priority and other settings are present that we use in the rules are present before calling the nodes to start the timers.

I suspect you may have an issue with SLA Rules, so the Service Level Agreement or Service Level is not able to be set.




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