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Hornbill Cleaner Utility - Organisation and Contact Audit Trail

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@Steve G

We are looking at using the Hornbill Cleaner Utility to remove an previouse customer Organisation and Contacts which has asked us to remove all Personal Identifiable Data (PID) from our system. Can I jsut confirm that when deleting a Organisation and Contact the assoicated Audit Trail with the said objects is also deleted?

The reason being is that the Audit trail contains details of changes to PID during the lifecycle so I have to also confirm that this record is also deleted.



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@Martyn Houghton That's a good question - they actually still reside in the audit trail table, and in fact more records are created to log the fact that the record was deleted.

I'll have a look at the possibility of adding an option to remove the audit trail records once the entity record delete has been performed. Will let you know how I get on.



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