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Has any got anything set up within service manager/self service where users can request a quote for a specific equipment then it emails a quotation (already set up) for that specific item?

Sadly we dont hold stock of equipment, so our process is that users will contact us to request a quote for desktop, we then forward the relevant valid quote for the month for that desktop for them to raise with fianance.

Just trying to work out if i can automate this in any way.



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@danb if the prices are static then you could just set up an email template with these details? You could even get a months date from when the request was logged to say that this price is only valid until xxxx date.

If prices change frequently, then another option may be to create an FAQ article and direct people to this to get prices for various pieces of equipment?

There would be no way of adding an attachment/document to the email, however I suppose that you could look into whether  'Document Manager' might work for you and so you could give roles to basic users to see documents in the portal and then give them the link to the document.

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