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Automatic call update when email received with call number - not always working

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I've started to notice that some emails that are received into Hornbill are not automatically applying to the call even though the call number is in the subject line.

A typical scenario is:

I send an email with the call number in the subject line to an individual and cc in the servicedesk email.  My call is updated automatically.  The person replies to all (so the service desk is included) and it arrives in the mailbox but doesn't update the call automatically.

Can anyone help shed any light onto why this might be happening?



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Hi @Tina.Lapere

I've linked a previous post which may suggest a couple of reasons why some emails would not get applied to tickets... additionally I would check if the sender email address is associated to more than one user in your instance as this will result in failing to apply as the sender cannot be uniquely identified.

If you don't have any joy with these suggestions please post back.

Kind Regards,




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