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Feature Request: Is it possible for the iBridge to Teams to resolve into a '@mention' for individuals or Teams groups?

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We have a well established use of the Teams iBridge, which we use to create and sustain a conversation on each of our changes.

However we still use an email notification for the start and end of each change because there are certain individuals who want to be notified. I would like to migrate this notification onto the teams channel, but this means being able to use the Teams "mention" facility (convention: @Name) either for individuals or a group specified within teams.

Example: in the below, the person has mentioned "@Steven" and "@Steve" and "@CAB" but when I issue those commands as message updates through the iBridge they do not resolve into mentions, just list as text.

Hornbill, is this possible or is this something you're working on please?


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I've tagged this as an Enhancement Request.

Note: The Microsoft API for sending a chat message does not cater for mentions, so this would be a completely new operation and Development would need to assess the requirement before making a decision.

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