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Issues with FTF Node

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We have been using the FTF node for a long time now, 

For some reason at the moment when I am creating a new intelligent capture, I cannot get it to mark the ticket as a first time fix. 

the node is using the following options:


This has always worked and is working for existing intelligent captures where it meets the logic of no team reassignments or owner reassignments however for the new captures its not working. this is being logged straight to the creator of the ticket and being resolved instantly after they click finish however it is not picking up that its a FTF, its following the correct path.



Many thanks


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I'm not sure if asking someone if it is a first time fix would be something that you want to do.  Even if they say yes, it is still possible that when the FTF automation is reached, it says otherwise. 

I have put together a How To document for the first time fix.  It can be seen here.  I have a bit more around reporting to add to it, but hopefully this will help.  

Something else to check is if you have more than one assignment occurring.  For example, one in Intelligent Capture and the other in the BPM workflow.

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@James Ainsworth the question asking if it is a first time fix on our intelligent capture is only shown for the service desk, and it is just something that hides a bunch of questions we don't need to know if they have fixed it on the phone (e.g. department, division etc) to speed up the logging process for them so not relevant to the issue at hand as such.

My issue is and remains that the tickets we have logged to test against this node are all within the criteria specified in the FTF node and its not marking them as first time time fixes, there were no team or owner reassignments and the ticket was resolved pretty much on creation.

So i'm at a loss as to why its not doing it.


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