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Email Templates - Custom Field Date variables

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I adding in a custom field into an email template. I found out in the link below on how to make it not visible if empty which is great.

I also need to know how to format it as well as it's a date custom field, I can seem to get |formatLocalTime to work using  {{.H_custom_21|formatLocalTime }}


Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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Hi @Cassie

The formatLocalTime modifier relies on two settings: system.RegionalSettings.timezone & system.RegionalSettings.dateTimeFormat

You will need to make sure that these are set in the format that you require.  You can quickly access these settings by using Ctrl+Shift+S then search on regional.




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Hi @Cassie

Try setting the system.regionalSettings.timeZone as well.  I'm not sure what affect this may have but you also seem to have a space within your variable at the end, after formatLocalTime.   {{.H_custom_21|formatLocalTime }}

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@James Ainsworth
So I have the time format field now working after changing that last setting.

I have the hide if empty field working.

But I can't seem to use them both together. Is this the correct esp condition?




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