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View keeps not working

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Background - we have a number of customers set up as Organisations (Contact/Organisation). We then have a number of Views setup by Organisation so we can filter the open requests by Organisation.

Issue - the Views for some of my Organisations keep stopping working. I'll set them up from new (with filters Organisation is x and Status is Open, New, OnHold, Resolved) and they work fine for a while, then maybe a week later I'll select the View and get a list for a different Organisation. I then have to edit the View or create another new one to get it working again. It's always the same Organisations affected, and looking at it today (as they weren't working when I logged on this morning), it looks like Organisation 5 is showing results for Organisation 4, Org 4 is showing Org 3, and Org 3 is showing Org 2. Org 1 is still showing correctly.

Has anyone else seen this and is there a solution? It's very frustrating to keep having to redo the Views on a weekly basis.

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Hello @Caroline

we run a few tests in this area and we are unable to replicate the issue.

Are the Organization and the filter just been created ? Does the issue occurs after updating the filter ? Any change in the external customers belonging to the Org or in the Org name ?

If you could give any information to help replicating the issue, it would be appreciated.





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As mentioned in my post, they work for about a week then stop working, so you won't be able to reproduce straight away.

Example. I created a new View last week, filter on Organisation x (ID 4) and Status is Open, New, OnHold, Resolved. It worked fine last week, but when I came in this morning and selected the view I got a list of requests for Organisation y (ID 3) (the View criteria still has Organisation x (ID 4) selected). 

The only way I can 'fix' this is to either delete the view and create again, or to remove the Organisation from the filter, then select the Organisation again. However it's getting very frustrating to have to do this on a weekly basis. I've tried both these 'solutions' and neither resolve the issue permanently, I still find the View filtering on the wrong Organisation after about a week.

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@Caroline Armando and I have taken a look at this issue and have found the underlying cause.

A fix for this is being prepared and will be in the next Service Manager release.
Any views that are currently not accurate will need to be rebuilt, unfortunately, however once rebuilt they will not revert to returning incorrect data.

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