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Hi, I hope you are all well! I was hoping someone could help me with an issue I'm having with a process were the task expiry date is not consistent with the date selected. I have checked the human task within the BPM and i can see the Lifespan Settings are set as "Expires after variable" as &[global["flowcode"]["customField21"]]

I have also checked the ProCap to make sure that the data field used is correct.

I have attached images of the ProCap & BPM settings along with an image of how the dates are being shown. 






Thank you,


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Hi @Misbah Sadique

Thanks for your post.

Looking at the response and resolution dates in your screen shot, I'm assuming that this ticket was raised prior to the clocks going forward on March 27th.  Dates are stored in UTC in the database.  If the original Expiry date captured in Intelligent Capture was captured before the clocks went forward, and then the task was created after March 27th, I can see the possibility for some inconsistencies being created when using date/time that is stored in a custom field. 

What I'm not sure of at the moment is how you would accommodate tasks created both before and after the time change when the original time was captured before the time change.  This is also something that would only happy under these conditions so most tickets won't be affected by this.

A possible solution could be to use this Hornbill Automation just before the task is created.  I'm thinking that you would be able to enter your date in the Seed Time field and determine at the time of creation of the task if daylight savings needs to be applied or not.  I haven't had a time to test this in order to confirm if it would work, but let me know if are able to test.  If you don't have any luck getting this to work, I'll see if I can set some times aside to test.


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