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We have been having some issues since last night from around 5pm onwards with some emails we are receiving, not being able to apply them to the request as it gets stuck half way through the process and wont let you scroll. Is this something you are aware of?


There isn't anything specific with the emails its not working from some are just general information with no attachments or signatures.


Thanks in advance


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Thanks for the post. The root cause is usually a malformed or incorrect MIME email. Typically this would be a missing embedded  image as in the mail header it states there are 3 attachments, but in the actually body 1 or more has been removed (by the sender..). The resolve is to remove the missing email attachment from the list of attachments before trying to apply the request. (in the email this will be displayed as a rectangle or similar without any image) . If you still have issues please PM me the message ID (You will see this in the URL at the top when selecting the message in the mailbox) 

Kind Regards

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Hi Keith,


Thanks for your help on this one.


The previous email had no attachments included and was just a general enquiry with nothing rectangular or incorrectly displayed. This is also someone who we frequently get emails from but have no issues generally.


I will keep an eye out for any more and if I'm still having issues I will let you know. 






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