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Pre Populate the Group picker for Division / Department / Costcenter on Intelligent Capture

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Is there a way to make it so that the Division / Department and Costcentre's of employee's are pre populated in the intelligent capture form when using a group picker.

We would still want the Employee or analyst to have the ability to change this if required during the logging process though (in case they are working in a different department to normal)

Other system we use we can pull that information into the drop down box as the default value using a variable that can then be manually changed.



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Hey James,

All of our staff are only in one Division, Department and Cost Centre, this is pulled through and updated overnight via the JSON. It makes sure they are only ever in one as we have it set to:


So although i can understand that logic for some, it wouldn't be the case for us. We have 300+ departments and we need to find a way to filter them out easier for our staff so they don't have to scroll through the whole list as they have to be prefixed with a code which makes it harder to search.

  • We either need to find a way to pre populate the field with the division, department and cost centre that they sit under (with the option to change it)
  • Allow the search feature for the fields to be expanded so that you can start typing in the department and it will bring you up anything that matches in that line. e.g. CI2 - ICT service management instead of only getting a result if you start typing CI2 but would need to be able to search the whole line so typing in Ser would bring back results aswell.
  • Or have it so that when you select the division it only shows the associated departments and then cot centres nested under that option.





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Hi @yelyah.nodrog,

Being somewhat familiar with the amount of Divisions/Departments/CCs, I would hesitate to suggest to create sets of simple lists to allow one to dropdown based on selection.

What I would suggest: do not set this to the "h_department" field, but leave it to just "field_#" or, if you want to name it: "other_dept".

Change the question to something along the lines of: "If not your standard department, please select the appropriate department". The same Group Picker does, already, allow one to search on various parts in the department name. The Group ID will then also be captured - though I cannot find a way in the BP to change the department of the request. If you need to report on this, then a custom field is the best option to place the info.


Edited by SamS
confirmed that Group ID IS actually captured via IC (Raw selection is possible)
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