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Good Afternoon

We are wanting to create a report which is based on a board we have on Hornbill which uses the Stage Information on the Business Process to populate..., just wondering if it would be possible to do?  I have attached the Change Board view and Change Business Process.... to try and assist...

From the Change En board image, there are 5 stages, Awaiting Triage, Information Gathering, Approval, Implementation, Review.... The information is pushed from the Business Process, but just wondering how we could use this on the reporting... I can only think of the Status but that would just be New, Open, Resolved... but the Information Gathering, Approval and Implementation would have a status of Open, so not sure how you would be able to distinguish the different stages...


(Hope this is explained ok...)


Change En Board.PNG

Change En Busiess Process.PNG

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I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve with the report.

My instinctive reaction is "just show them the board!" but I suspect this is either not practical or doesn't allow you to show all the information?

What I would suggest in the first instance is to populate a Custom Variable with the Lane the Request/Card has been moved to and report on that.
i.e. When you Add to Change Board you set Custom_A to "Awaiting Triage", then when there's a Move to Information Gathering node you immediately update Custom A to "Information Gathering" etc.


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