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Unable to choose tables when extracting ticket data from the My Requests section. Description table missing from extract.

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Hi all,

I can't see that this has been asked and I've been unable to find the information that I'm after on the wiki.

A customer has reached out to us who has access a basic license and therefore only has employee portal access only.

The customer has asked that they would like to be able to extract the tickets they have raised from the my requests section. 

That functionality is already there and does work, however unlike the IT agent portal, you cannot choose the the fields you require, it automatically downloads the extract with a set of prepopulated fields. One of the missing fields is the description.

Is it possible that we need to make an amendment on our employee portal configuration to allow this field to be included in the extract? 

Or is this baked in functionality, that would require an enhancement to be requested.

Kind Regards


Extract button from employee portal my requests pane.PNG

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Can you expand on what you're trying to achieve here.

The Description field is TEXT and therefore potentially an unlimited amount of data, making this available to be freely downloaded could impact performance, which is the most likely reason it's excluded.

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Hi @Steve Giller,

My reasoning behind making this available as we have several customers who will put in multiple requests for particular items that cannot easily be differentiated with the h_summary field. As these customers do not have agent access having the description field also available, would make it easier to manage in those circumstances.

The reports run incredibly quickly when performing an extract for these customer on their behalf, but would be nice for them, as well as admittedly reducing the work load on ourselves, if there was the ability to self serve.

But if that's not something that's possible due to performance concerns then I fully understand.

Many Thanks


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Hi @Adam Toms

I was going to suggest reports as a potential solution but you seem to be ahead of me there.

As for the workload, a compromise might be to schedule the reports so that the customers get a daily/weekly/monthly update rather than you having to respond to ad-hoc requests.

I'm not aware of any planned changes in this area at present, but I'll make sure that the Developers have seen this post.

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