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Email Templates - URLs not formatting correctly

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So we have some URLs in email templates:


But when you see the actual email there are adding an extra character > to the link rendering it useless and giving 404 errors.


Please can we have some help to work out what is happening?

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Hi @Jeremy,

The best way of working out what is happening is to select/click the "Source" button.

You then get a view of the HTML which makes up the email. From here it should be relatively simple to figure out what needs changing - provided you know:

  1. a little HTML (specifically how hyperlinks work: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_links.asp )
  2. that Hornbill Email Template variables are between a double-set of curly braces (in case of:)
  3. Hornbill Email Template variables CAN be part of a URL - ensure it looks correct in the href-attribute
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@Jeremy If your email appears correct in the Source view, I would suggest speaking to your email admins.

You'll notice that the lines are wrapped at an arbitrary point, and each one begins with a ">" character, and that the whole URL is wrapped in "<" and ">" separators, this suggests that your email provider is converting the HTML email to plain text, and this would be completely outside of Hornbill's control.

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@Steve Giller @SamS this is a snippet of the code:

<li><span style="font-size:14px;"><span style="font-family:Calibri,Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif;">Gain you loyalty points/vouchers&nbsp;in University Coffee Shops! (when you <a href="https://port.ac.uk/loyalty">sign up</a> for campus food outlets loyalty)</span></span></li>

I can't see anything that looks glaringly wrong, what do you guys think?

We use Google for our email system so not sure if Google would change things. Unless you think that this is related to an issue with our mail servers?

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@JeremyWhere are you taking the "changed" email from?
This looks like a reply (or possibly a forward) from a text-only email client, and whatever is adding the ">" to the start of the line is making the rest of the changes.

This is not happening within Hornbill.

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@Steve Giller my apologies, yes I was looking at a forwarded email with out realising (I blame the lack of sleep :wacko:), I have tested with emails direct from the system and they are formatted correctly. This thread can be closed.

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