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Changing Supplier SLA

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Good morning, is it possible to change the Supplier SLA on an open incident on the Supplier Module?  We may have occasion when a call is logged to a 3rd party and then subsequently we find that instead of a 'low' contract it is actually a 'high' or greater SLA.


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@BobbyB thanks for your post.

Apologies if I've not understood this correctly but I believe you're asking if an active supplier contract event can be transferred to a different supplier contract?

If that's the case, it's currently not possible. You would need to stop the current event by changing the request sub status and then create a new event by changing the sub status to 'with supplier' and selecting the new contract.

Supplier Contract Events has always been an area we've wanted to improve - in particular the request to 'pause' rather than 'stop' an event has come up multiple times before. If you'd like to, please feel free to add use case examples in this thread of the sort of functionality you'd like to see in relation to these events and I will forward them to our product team for review.


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