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Instructions to prompt for resolution category.

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I want to be able to capture a resolution category when the co-workers resolve a ticket.

Had a google and searched the forum but not had much luck, is there a how-to about alter the Business Processes or System Setting to request this upon resolution.

:rolleyes: Thanks



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@Victor Thank you.

Looks as though that is asking the user to choose a closure category, I was looking more at the co-workers on the ticket selection a resolution category.

So when the call below is resolved a closure category would need to be selected, either before or after.


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@Mark (ESC) is the same thing... might get confused by the "closureCategory" term which implies it only works for request closure... however the "closure" category applies for both when a request is resolved and closed... 

The setting I mention achieves what you need. However you do need to have some "Closure" type categories configured in your instance for that option to appear: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Profiles



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