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Sub Status - On Hold - Unable to set a date and time.

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Back again :wacko:

We have created some new On-Hold sub statuses which are in the image below.

Before we are able to set a date and time for On-Hold to come back to active, but this is no longer available.

Is there a global setting to toggle or something we have not setup correctly with these On-Hold sub statuses



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Hi @Mark (ESC)

When you create/edit the sub-status record, if the sub-status parent status is "On-Hold" then you should see the marked toggle to enable selection of a pause until date/time.

Kind Regards,



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@Mark (ESC)

It does appear some of the settings that were present in the old admin tool UI have disappeared in the new admin UI, such as making an on-hold time until and reason mandatory.

Hopefully someone from Hornbill will advise on what's happening to put them back.



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