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Using LDAP and SCCM integrations for assets

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Hi,  we are working on bringing all our laptop assets into Hornbill Asset manager from SCCM.  One of the issues we have found is that i want to be able to record   if the computer account has been disabled.

I cannot do this with SCCM as it doesn't seem to hold a value for if a computer is disabled in the AD.

I think its probably possible to use the LDAP import to get this data.

If i were to use SCCM to update all my assets into hornbill and then use LDAP to add extra information would hornbill match on the laptop name and update the record or would it simply create duplicates from the ldap import?




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Hi @JBasey

The Asset Import tool has options listed under the value OperationType where you can specify create, update, or both.  Provided that the correct unique key is used you shouldn't worry about duplicates being created. If you plan on only creating assets from SCCM and you just want to update those same assets from LDAP, then you would use the OperationType "Update" to prevent the LDAP import from creating new assets.  You just need to set the AssetIdentifier to map between the LDAP field and the unique asset field.  

I hope that helps.

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