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Minor enhancement: Authorisation status of change requests permanently visible in information box

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There was recently a great improvement to change requests to add to the scheduled start and scheduled end date to the information box on the right-hand side. Earlier in the year, also enabled workflow to reset the authorisation if it'd been previously authorised or rejected. Thank you.

I recently had a member of my team perform a change before the record was authorised. His defence was that the change request did not make it clear that it was not yet authorised and it was clearly Scheduled. So the improvement of displaying the scheduled date has had an unintended consequence of analysts being more likely to see this as indicative of authorisation. Clearly this is a training issue but it made me think. This is the kind of thing he saw:


It is certainly true that the Authorised status appears after a change request is authorised but I would like to request a permanent entry showing the authorisation status.

This is what we currently see once a change request is authorised, but until then, we see no mention of the Authorisation status:


This is a mock-up of what I would like to see before a change is authorised so it is clear to all my analysts that authorisation still has to be sought. You could use "Unauthorised" or "Awaiting Authorisation" or "Authorisation Pending", perhaps.


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Hi @Berto2002

Have you considered using the Proposed Start and End times that are available within the Details section of a Change prior to authorization taking place? Once authorized and ready for implementation, then schedule the change, transferring the proposed times to the schedule?


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