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Change Authorisations - Auto Populating

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I would like some advice for a new change process that has come up with us.

When we raise changes and want to add authorisors in this section:


We have a new process that needs to add 6 static/permanent authorisors to the request, but then also allow us to manually add people as well. Is it possible for the list of 'Associated Owners' to be predefined?

I have tried to add multiple people to the Service but this only allows one user to be the 'owner' and this is the same case for assets so we are struggling to find a way to work with this process. I know that we could do this in two steps e.g. one authorisation task for the static list of people then once authorised manually add the next people for them to authorise but wanted to try and do it simultaneously.

Alternatively, would we be able to do this in a parallel process? So one automatic authorisation and one manual....or will this cause issues?

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Hi @Jeremy

That's a challenging one.  As soon as you spit out the authorisations between the The Suspend and wait for Authorizers and the Hornbill Automation Authorization the weighting levels would not combine the entire group of authorizers from the two different mechanisms.

I'm not sure if this would help, or complicates things more, but there is also a Get Authorisers By Group Hornbill Automation which can also be used immediately before the Auto Assign Authorisation node.  


When using the Suspend and wait for Authorisers automation, how are the manually added authorisers determined by the agent? 



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On 5/16/2022 at 5:24 PM, James Ainsworth said:

how are the manually added authorisers determined by the agent? 

These are taken from a central spreadsheet, as we have no way of putting this information into Service Manager.

Ideally we would like to add people to a service to then be able to pull them out to use as authorisors. I saw that you can add the service owners, and in the node it mentions 'Linked Service Owners' but can't seem to find that anywhere when setting up/editing Services.

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