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Previously posted in wrong place - Azure SSO query

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We are in the process of moving away from ADFS for our single sign on method to AzureSSO. I have configured everything within Azure as-per the advice given from Hornbill support and Microsoft https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/saas-apps/hornbill-tutorial 

During testing, after clicking on Hornbill's "Sign in with SSO" blue button, I have been presented with the Azure login page where I have to click the account to then continue log in. Is this expected? I am not required to enter any credentials, but it is a two step process for users where they are required to click two separate times to log in. 

I can't see anything within the Hornbill Profile configuration relating to this, or within the Azure SSO Hornbill Config page either. Is this expected behaviour? I was expecting to click the blue Hornbill sign in button and it just log the user in, as it does with ADFS. 

Thank you


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21 minutes ago, Melissa Gurney said:

I have been presented with the Azure login page

@Melissa Gurney this statement alone means this is something that Azure does so outside Hornbill remit. If I am not mistaken, Azure will ask for credentials if configured as such. I believe what you are after is the "authentication pass through" which is something for your IT team to look into...

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