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Best way to display Images in the employee portal

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Hi All,

we have recently updated our portal including the images both in the loading screen and the main portal page. Our image is set to the recommended 1024 x 300 pixels and is loaded to the new Image Library setup in the system. It is set to specified height of 300, stretch on repeat image, and vertical align is set to bottom so that the text always shows. I have tried the fit content option but this made the image even smaller on a large window. 

What I wanted to ask is did anyone else have display issues here, and how you may have addressed these display issues? How the image displays of course will be dependent on the size of the browser window / what it is being viewed on / an individuals own personal setup on whatever device they access it from. The image shows perfectly if someone has a smaller window displayed on a large monitor, but when it is shown in a larger window the image is cut by about half.  The corporate image also appears to move significantly dependent again on how the page is viewed.

I would be most grateful for any tips or pointers !

As an example below shows smaller window browser view where the full image shows perfectly and the NHS logo shows in the top left:


An this is the same window made full screen and the image is significantly cut off at the top. The NHS logo also moves from the top left to about 1/4 way over:


Many thanks as always !

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins,

At the moment the background image stretches proportionally to use the entire width of the browser's window. So depending on the screen's resolution and window size the image can hide some of the details. We can look in to adding restrictions on the width. That will mean that in some cases the image's width can be smaller than the window width and there will be empty space. It can be filled with the background colour. So the image won't be cropped as it is now, but it might not look very nice.

Let me know if you want this option and we can investigate on an implementation.



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Hi Daniel

Thank you for the response. Yes its a really hard scenario to cater for as you mention the portal may be viewed on multiple different types of devices and setups so it becomes very hard to cater for all. That said though if there are more options for controlling the image available this may help us set the image to display better for more of our customers, so definitely up for any further options that can be offered here

Many thanks !

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