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Very sad HB removed the ability to expand the Human Task, Task Details box.

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There used to be the ability to expand the task details box and I used it almost every single time because the explanations in our task details invariably go greater than five lines.

My workaround is that I now have to select all and copy and paste the contents into notepad every single time I edit these nodes which just adds time to my work. Yes I can scroll but in such a tiny box I can't get a proper feel for the whole message by scrolling all the time.

Why did you take it away? :-( Please bring it back


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Hi @Berto2002

Here is an image from the previous admin tool where it had an option to drag to resize the mentioned field.


This would not have been intentionally removed.  We made a significant change from the old admin portal to the new Configuration that now sits within the main client.  This was a large UI task and we have found a few small things that were missed as part of this process.  The great thing is that we can make these adjustments and get them out to our customers very quickly.

This has been mentioned to the development team and I'm sure that you will see it back soon.

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